Serious Fun and a Challenge to Master

Serious Fun and a challenge to master.
Yes it is as good as everyone says, something for everyone no matter your skill level
never driven no problem you may be a little nervous but after some simple instruction we will guide you out onto the track and soon you will be understanding why “EVERYBODY LOVES KARTING”, it is great FUN and a bit thrilling if you want to go fast.
For those that have been there done that there is always the lap records to challenge you or you can challenge Wayne – see our “Challenge Wayne” competition Post
Note driving fast on a race track takes skill which is not so easy to learn it may take you a few goes to understand the RACE TRACK.
I have 30 years of Kart Racing experience and will gladly offer tips and give advice if you want, just want to see everyone getting the most out of driving on a race track it is a really unique environment. We have a weight corrected lap time formula so even the big guys can win!

See our posted Chart showing representative laptimes and weight/time  index

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