Darwin Kart Hire Racing Rules

Our friendly and experienced staff are dedicated to providing you with a fun, adrenaline pumping experience on each and every one of your visits, however, to ensure the safety of all patrons we do have some rules and conditions that must be followed:

  • Minimum age to drive yourself is 7 yo, minimum age to be a passenger is 4year old. Note: Some 4 yo and some 7yo maybe too small to support themselves in a Kart traveling at speed around the track. The management reserves the right to asses the ability and strength of the young driver and not let them drive out on the track with others. If time allows they can be re assessed at a time when the track is Free of other karters. If your child is unable to continue we will refund their session
  • Minimum height for Ricciardo Karts is 140cm. Under this height we have 4 Sodi Junior karts or a Sodi dual seat kart
  • Maximum weight of driver is 130kg maximum height is 200cm
  • For any drivers under 18 a parent or guardian must be present during the karting and is required to sign their indemnity form and accept the responsibility for the driver
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn, Work boots are not practical for driving a lightweight racing kart with limited foot room.
  • You can wear shorts and T shirts but we recommend or long sleeves and long pants. We no longer provide driving coveralls
  • Hairnets are provided FOC and must be worn when using Darwin Kart Hire helmets. helmets must be current certification and offer full face protection against impact with the steering wheel.
  • Visor must be closed or eye protection must be worn worn while on the track, sunglasses or gogles must be impact resistant Poly-carbon lense
  • Hair longer than shoulders must be contained within clothing or hair net
  • No contact between karts – excessive contact is unsafe and your session will be terminated with no refund
  • You must keep both hands on the steering wheel and feet on the floor plate at all times
  • No deliberate drifting sliding or fishtailing, it causes excessive wear of the tires and often results in punctures and flat tires, the karts are designed to maximize lap times, and smooth driving and minimizing sliding is required to get a fast time.
  • You must remain on the track – driving through the gravel safety traps can damage the karts, jam the brakes or stick the throttle, if you drive into a gravel trap and get stuck the staff will inspect the kart and remove all the gravel before you can go back onto the track, this may not be possible during the session therefore you will not be able to continue in that session.
  • Passing slower karts on the track is allowed if there is no contact, bumping, pushing or cutting off other karts is not allowed, do not jam your kart down the inside at the APEX of the corner, this is considered deliberate contact and your session maybe ended
  • If your kart is damaged from collision you will be called back to the pits and your session will be terminated
  • No smoking within 10m of the karts or workshop area
  • Darwin Kart Hire operates a strict no drug and/or alcohol policy and reserves the right to deny to any person(s) thought to be under the influence of either drugs and/or alcohol
  • Any person that vomits in their helmets will be required to purchase the helmet at a cost of $120. If you start to feel sick return to the pits or stop on the side of the track and raise your hand
  • Abuse or harassment of staff will not be tolerated

The challenge is to do the fastest lap times you can by learning the ‘Racing Lines’ and controlling the kart while pushing your limits. Darwin Kart Hire Staff are always willing to give you guidance to help you improve your lap times while you hone your Kart Control Skills. Being completely in control while the kart is on the limit of traction is an exhilarating feeling