Challenge Kart

The Challenge Kart has been meticulously prepared with re-tuned engine boosted to 10 hp, always with fresh tires and set up for maximum speed . For those who want to Challenge their buddy, their workmates or the kids want to challenge dad or you just want to challenge anyone who thinks they are faster than you, the challenge kart is here ready to go.

Same kart – Same weight – Same conditions.
Yes, we can add ballast to adjust for different body weight.

Challenge : If you want to challenge another driver you can add a session in the Challenge Kart to any of your sessions on that day.

Note; if we are busy it may not be the best time for a lap record as you may not get a clear track. ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER PURCHASING A REGULAR SESSION IN A REGULAR KART.

1 x 10 minutes $46 each driver

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