Set a Lap Record and chance to WIN! FASTEST T-Shirt

If you want to see how fast you are compared to the best and you have achieved a Very Fast or better Lap Time jump in the challenge kart and have a go!

If you are the fastest for your weight you will be the Lap Record holder for the month or until someone goes faster. Your name will be posted on our honor board. Additionally, if you can achieve an X-Factor lap time (fastest 1%) you will win an exclusive Darwin Kart Hire FASTEST DRIVER T Shirt

The fastest drivers for the year (end of November) will win a 20 minute session

Challenge Kart Prices

Lap record and Challenge : If you want to challenge another driver or have a shot at the lap record you can add a challenge to any of our standard karting session.

Note; if we are busy it may not be the best time for a lap record as you may not get a clear track

1 x 10 minutes $40 each driver

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