Arrive & Drive

Looking to turn up and get in a kart? Then our Arrive & Drive package is for you! Just turn up, have a brief, suit up and we can get you on the track along with any other customers who are ready to drive as well. Our karts are as close to a race standard kart as you can get without buying your own. They are also maintained to the highest standard to keep them running while you’re on the track.

NOTE — Fully enclosed footwear are required.  You can wear shorts, shirts or long pants. Helmet and hairnets supplied  (NOTE:  You can use your own helmet provided it complies with AS1698 – Australian standard and if open faced eye protection MUST be worn)

10 Minute Sessions Prices are Per Person

1 x 10 Minute
2 x 10 Minute
3 x 10 Minute (Not available on Weekends)

15 Minute Sessions Prices are Per Person

1 x 15 Minute
2 x 15 Minute
3 x 15 Minute

20 Minute Sessions prices are Per Person

1 x 20 Minute
2 x 20 Minute
3 x 20 Minute