Never driven before a bit nervous for the young Kids

Never driven before? Not sure if the kids will be OK? We have many first time drivers and nervous young kids and parents,  we take the time with each person to assess their ability then give personal practical instructions on how to drive and what to expect when they drive out onto the track, we can electronically remotely limit the speed of the kart if required but generally we find most kids just drive cautiously and gradually build up their confidence. We recommend 2 sessions for the kids as their first session they are not sure what to expect after that they have a short break and think about that experience, they get quite excited in anticipation  about there next session. kids under 150cm can drive our new Junior karts which are very light steering nice and quite.

kids 140cm and above can drive our regular karts.

Our race track was designed for High Speed racing karts and is regularly inspected for compliance by the Karting Australia Track Inspector to ensure no hazards, it is a very safe environment to drive for the first time for all ages from 7yo.

About the Author
Tina and Wayne Bell have been managing Darwin kart Hire since early 2017. Wayne has been extensively involved with Karting since the mid 1980's as a competitor official and In the karting business. Wayne is passionate about karting and therefore our Kart Hire business focus is on assisting everybody to get the most out of there sessions weather it be just fun or trying to beat there mates or set lap records.

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