Darwin Kart Hire Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures

In our ongoing effort to provide the safest Virus Free environment for our customers and Staff, DKH has introduced additional cleaning practices as advised by state and Federal Health departments.

DKH has always had in place rigorous cleaning procedures for our Safety Helmets the facility and Karts. We have undertaken to strengthen these procedures to account for the current best practises as advised by State and Federal Health services to best ensure any corona-virus that may come in will killed off and not be transferred to any staff or customers

Safety Helmets

Our helmets have always been meticulously maintained to ensure hygiene in accordance with Industry standards; they have in the past been sanitized, cleaned and dried after every use, it has always been compulsory for every driver to wear sanitary hairnets (provided free).

Our revised procedures for cleaning helmets are;

  • When customer finish using their helmet they are to be placed on the shelves provided they are marked as Used Helmet Return and are away from all other surfaces and isolated from the clean helmets.
  • Staff will spray the helmets both inside and out with a commercial grade bio non-toxic disinfectant and left to dry overnight with forced ventilation.
  • Next day the helmet will be inspected for damage a second spray of surface disinfectant and wipe over the inside of the face mouth area with disinfectant.
  • The helmets will then be cleaned and polished.
  • Staff will use disposable gloves during the helmet cleaning process and no customers will be allowed to touch the helmet until they are issued to them by a staff member.

Additionally, we are making available the commercial grade bio non-toxic disinfectant and paper towels should you desired to do some additional cleaning prior to wearing.

Please take note of; helmet identification number, i.e. S12 or L4 to ensure you do not accidentally use someone else’s helmet


General Facility Cleaning Procedure

  • The counter will be wiped down after each group has registered and paid especially if you are handling cash money.
  • Hand sanitizer is available and positioned at several locations throughout the facility, please make use of this and clean your hands after you have registered and paid for your session
  • The EFTPOS machine will be wiped after each use
  • Tables, benches, door handles, windows, fridges, will be wiped down with disinfectant as a minimum after each group
  • kart steering wheels and seat belts will be wiped after each session
  • Floors, windows and karts will be cleaned each day
  • Please use the bins provided, we will not be sorting recycles for the time being
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