Our Helmet Cleaning Proceedure

24 03 2020

In our ongoing effort to provide the safest environment for our customers and employees DKH has instituted some additional safeguards to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the flu, and other illnesses passed from one person to another.  DKH has always had in place a cleaning program for anything that customers come into contact with (helmets, driving suits, karts, and all surfaces.  We will now be increasing the frequency of these cleanings.


Our helmets have always been meticulously maintained in accordance with current Industry standards to ensure hygiene, they are sanitized cleaned and dried after every use, it is compulsory for every driver to wear sanitary hairnets (provided free).

Our staff procedures for cleaning helmets are;

  • Inspect the helmet for damage.
  • Spray / Mist the inside of helmet and straps with disinfectant spray.
  • Spray / Wipe over the inside of the face / mouth area with commercial grade bio non-toxic disinfectant and paper towel
  • Place helmets on drying racks and once dry;
  • Clean and polish the helmet ensuring the visors are clear.
  • Place helmets back into Clean Helmet Storage

Additionally, we are now making available hospital grade disinfectant and paper towels for customers if they wish to carry out additional cleaning prior to wearing.

Please take note of helmet identification number ensure you do not accidentally use someone else’s helmet if in doubt place helmet back in cleaning recycling shelves and ask staff for a clean helmet.

Once your sessions are completed place your helmet on the cleaning / recycling shelves.


 We ask that any customer who are feeling unwell or have a fever or a runny nose or cough –

remain at home.

We reserve the right to request any person’s arriving at Darwin Kart Hire who exhibits these symptoms to leave. In the event you are asked to leave we will refund any unused payments for karting sessions

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