The New Normal – Covid-19 Operating Procedure

Darwin Kart Hire is predominately and outdoor activity and at the directive of NT Government are able to operate under the New Normal guidelines. We have developed our new procedures to best ensure the health and safety of our Customers and Staff. Please read the steps below, have patience, be courteous and maintain social distancing so we can all enjoy being out and about.

If you have a cough or cold or any breathing difficulties please do not come in and suggest you get a COVID test
  •  In our reception area and spectator, area there is limited seating at tables only people who live together can share a table, other chairs can be moved about but are to be a minimum 1.5 metres apart. Cold drinks and pre packaged snacks will still be available for purchase.
  • Maximum 10 customers in reception registration area at one time. If your group size is larger than 10 allow additional time to process the driver registration.
  • We will separate bookings to reduce the number of people at out facility at any one time
  • Please do not arrive without first calling for available times, if you do arrive unscheduled we will do our best to fit you in however depending on how many others are at the facility you may have to wait in the car park for other groups to finish up and depart.
  • Please observe the Blue Separation lines in front of the counter this line is a guide to maintain minimum separation between customers and Staff
  • Helmets: We are following the best advice and developed a Safety Helmet cleaning process to ensure you only wear a helmet that has been properly cleaned, dried and sanitized with COVID 19 approved 72% Alcohol mix. Our helmets will only be used once each day, sanitized, and dried overnight. If you want more details please read the posted Helmet Sanitation Procedure.

What to expect on arrival:

  • Have one person from your group check that DKH is ready for your group before all entering reception area once.
  • Come into the reception area maximum 10 customers at any one time please maintain appropriate separation.
  • You will be given an indemnity form to fill out, these forms will be available outside as well to complete before entering. please use hand sanitizer after completing your check in.
  • Once complete you will be asked to come to the counter to pay for your session, please do not crowd and stay behind the Blue Line. We will accept cash but prefer payment with card.
  • Once paid move back and allow next customer come to the counter, if you have loose items in your pockets there are security lockers available, place your stuff in a locker and put key in safe pocket or hand it to staff.
  • Once all your group have paid you will be issued with a Helmet and Hair Net as you exit the reception area.
  • If desired you can find additional helmet sanitation alcohol and paper towels. Please ensure used cleaning products are place in bins provided.
  • Next you will be asked to line up along the pit fence where you will be given a safety Brief. Staff will check your helmet is fastened. Parents should ensure their children’s helmets are correctly fastened you will be allocated a Kart.
  • Sit in your kart put your seat belt on, staff can adjust the seat position if required, you will be given final instruction on operating the kart and answer any questions or queries you may have.
  • When your session is complete and you return back into the Pit Area leave your helmet on until you are back behind the Pit safety fence.
  • If you have completed all your sessions place your helmet back onto the cleaning / helmet return shelves.
  • Until the social distancing restrictions are lifted can you please vacate the reception and spectator areas as soon as practical to allow others to come in

If we all do our bit and maintain correct social separation we can continue to get out and enjoying ourselves

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