Challenge Kart Competition

We have prepared a kart for those who want to Challenge someone in the same kart at the same weight in a fair Head to Head contest NO EXCUSES! who’s the fastest! Maybe you are a just a bit the lightweight kid who just thinks he is so fast? Or you keep getting ” only if you were a bit heavier”, lets balance the weights and then we’ll see!

Or maybe you just want to have a red hot crack at getting a into the monthly draw for free 20min session. (see our fastest Driver competition below)

The Challenge Kart has been meticulously prepared perfect wheel alignment, with fresh engine, fresh tires and set aside just waiting for your challenge. Challenge prices below.

Challenge your buddy, your workmates the boss or even challenge the blokes if your a gal. (they hate getting beaten by a gal)

We will add weight to the kart as required so each driver kart combo is at the same weight

Darwin Go-Kart FASTEST Drivers competition:

Anyone who can get an Expert lap time is in the top 2% of all our drivers! If you’re able to get a VERY GOOD level lap time or better you will have earned your right to go into the monthly draw for a chance of winning a Free 20min Session you may be the only person in the draw! Draw will be live on our Facebook page 1.00 pm last Friday of the month Starting July

And if that’s not challenging enough and you don’t mind risking a little cash you can always challenge the old guy that runs the show -Wayne! see the Wayne’s Challenge blog post

Give us an email or call for more info details

Challenge Kart Prices List Per Person

You can add a challenge to any of our standard karting session: NOTE on a busy Saturday it may be difficult to get you out on the track for a challenge but we’ll do our best.

Challenge 1        Max Pressure!   $15        3 laps – 1 timed laps = Out lap, 1 Timed Lap, in lap)

Challenge 2        Jag One of Three!   $25        5 laps – 3 timed laps – pick your best lap

Challenge 3        Best Driver!       $25        5 laps – 3 timed laps – total time of 3 timed laps


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