Wayne’s Challenge

Challenge the Expert

Challenge Wayne in the SAME KART at the SAME WEIGHT

If you can get within 4/10ths of a second of Wayne’s lap time in Same Kart

at Same Weight at the Same Session you Win Back Double Your Challenge Fee.

Note: You should be able to get close to Expert Lap times to have a chance.

(See our Blog of ” Representative Lap Times” )

Minimum challenge Fee $20

Maximum Challenge fee $50

The challenge can be added to any Kart Hire Session on that same day

We will use our Specially Prepared Challenge Kart

We will ballast kart weight to to match driver weights

Challenge will be fastest of two timed laps

(Total 4 Laps; Out lap, two timed laps, In lap)

If we have lots of customers like on a Saturday it may not be possible

to do a challenge but we’ll try our best to accommodate.

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